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Question was brought up if I still take credit cards?  YES credit cards are accepted,  with a 3% convenience fee.  Credit cards are taken for purchases ONLY - cleaning deposits still need to be made in CASH.
If you are interested in a brief history of auctions from my memory check out the article on Facebook for EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE.  Any comments or memories are welcome there.
Congratulations to -
Noel B winning the $25 Costco cash card
Tony B winning the $25 Costco cash card
Pat J winning the $25 Costco cash card
                   Joey M winning the $25 Costco cash card
Ed C for getting $25 in gas credit
Patricia M winning the $25 Costco cash card
Bob S winning the $25 Costco Cash Card
Paul Z winning the Costco cash card
Brett S winning the Costco cash card 8-6-19
Brett S for getting a 25.00 gas credit 3-12-2020

In light of the covid 19 virus going on, pretty certain that storage unit auctions are NOT considered an essential activity.

Stay safe, stay healthy.  Hey we all know the units are always clean and pristine right?  There will be plenty of auctions and u its to bid on and buy after this current crisis is over.  Haven't seen a unit yet that is worth getting sick over or worse yet dying for.

Take care, see everyone once this is behind us.

Tuesday December 1

10 AM
Bidder registration from 930


1 10 x 15 reasonably clean unit, appears to have a fair amount of tools and TREK bikes.
Pictures and further information will be added no later than the 24th.

Also you will want to attend the storage unit auctions this coming year - we have decided to continue doing the random COSTCO card give aways, plus instituting a new program for those buyers that travel over 50 miles for an auction.  There will be some restrictions that will apply but you could be reimbursed for some of your fuel costs for attending the auctions.

Important notice - regarding WINTER WEATHER - Safety for all concerned is the priority however under normal
 circumstances the auctions will go on as scheduled, UNLESS the State Patrol closes the roads.  At the worst case
 scenario the auctions may be delayed by a few minutes to allow all buyers time to arrive safely.  About the only way
 that I will postpone the start time is IF a customer has called to inform me that they are on their way and are within a reasonable distance.  Again customer SAFETY IS THE PRIORITY
 Please don't listen to rumors that auctions are cancelled without first contacting me - 425-770-0655.  Again about the only way that an auction will be cancelled is if the WSP closes the roads.  Be wise - be safe - travel to the auctions only if you are confident in your ability to make it. 

last updated 7-15-2020

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