Evergreen Auction Service

Owners and Managers

Storage owners and manager - do you want to recover more from your delinquent units?

EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE is a leader in storage unit and moving and storage auctions.
Watch our FUTURE AUCTIONS or W-W-W-W page’s at evergreenauctionservice.com for a list of our upcoming storage unit auctions.  

You can now have an auctioneer on your team with over 41 years experience and millions of dollars in sales that specializes in mini storage unit along with moving and storage auctions.  Your facility will also have an auctioneer familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding your type of auction.

EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE conducts mini storage auctions with a high level of professionalism and doesn’t treat the buyers like junk dealers.  Our auctions will represent your facility with the greatest degree of professionalism. With EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE you and the buyers both get experience and value.

No more scheduling your auction when there are others in your area, resulting in your facility recovering more from your delinquent units.

Increase buyer interest by retaining an auctioneer known for conducting and familiar with mini storage and moving and storage auctions.  It doesn’t matter if you have 1 unit or over 100 units.  If the single unit auction has the quality to conduct a single unit auction - the buyers will know that it is worth attending the auction.

Now you can have an auctioneer that will advertise and promote your auction.  Free buyer incentives for bidders when appropriate.  Have an auctioneer that works for you while still allowing buyers to have a fun and happy experience.

By having EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE on your team everything can be handled from cutting locks to insuring the units are left clean after the auction.

Specializing in mini storage or moving and storage auctions our rates are very competitive and we promise to be on time for your auction.   We have cultivated a good following due to this policy - we value everyone’s time.  We also offer discounts for multiple locations and volume of units.  EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE only conducts mini storage or moving and storage type auctions, we don’t have an auction house that we are trying to keep full of merchandise.  Our goal is to get your delinquent unit’s turned back into rentable units.

For further information contact us at - info@evergreenauctionservice.com

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