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EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE, INC. was started in March of 1979, by second generation auctioneer owner/auctioneer Duane F Love.  As a December 1971 graduate of the REISCH AMERICAN SCHOOL OF AUCTIONEERING located in Mason City, IA.  Since that time EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE has conducted literally 1,000's of auctions and sold millions of dollars of merchandise.

EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE is an experienced auctioneering firm committed to providing its clients maximum results and service.  EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE  conducts "NO MINIMUM - NO RESERVE" auctions for the reason that both seller and buyer profit from this method of selling.  This policy has created a loyal following of repeat bidders who feel less restricted and are more at ease in bidding, bidding freely - resulting in higher sales for you the seller.

Areas that we focus on are conducting auctions of unclaimed - unpaid personal property and vehicles.  Currently we conduct auctions from the Canadian border to King County and all points in between plus will travel to anywhere in the State of Washington.

In addition to our reguarly scheduled auctions we also help various organizations with their fund raising needs via benefit auctions.  Many times these are open to the public and provide a nice change of pace.

ADVERTISING - A major factor to having a successful auction is having qualified buyers in attendance.  EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE does not leave this to chance.  Currently we have a mailing list specifically targeted for storage auctions, which typically grows after each auction.  This proven concept when combined with our professionalism and integrity has made EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE a leader amongst the storage auction industry.

PREPARATION - From the date the contract is signed to the auction date EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE handles the details, from compiling information for the descriptive handbills to placing any necessary newspaper advertising to handling the order of the auction and conducting the auction.  All you as the seller needs to do is tell us what units you want SOLD!

EXPERIENCE - Experience is an advantage that money just can't buy...and EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE has over 41 years experience conducting auctions.  We would be happy to have a representative discuss your auction needs with you at your convenience.

STARTING TIMES:  As you will find on the w-w-w-w page the auctions will have a designated start time.  I can say without hesitation, that is the time the auctions will start.  It is my personal policy to be at the auction site's approximately 30 - 45 minutes before the stated auction start time.  Your time is just as valuable as mine - you SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE AUCTIONEER.  The only exception to this policy is during the winter months and even then the start times will be adhered to as close as possible  For clarification please see the policy statement on the w-w-w-w page.

Notification -  We do have a paid mailing list - send your name and complete mailing information to PO BOX 273 Kirkland, WA  98083-0273 along with a check or money order payable to EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE in the amount of $35 for 12 months - mention this is from the website and you will get 13 months for the price of 12.  We DO NOT OFFER ANY TYPE OF EMAIL NOTIFICATION at this time.  Also you can check the W-W-W-W page for complete listings and photos of upcoming auctions.

IMPORTANT - EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE nor any of its employees or relatives bid on or buy any of the units being offered for auction at an auction being conducted for the owner by EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE.  You will only be bidding against other bidders in attendance at the auction. 
NO phantom bidders!

QUOTING - RCW 19.150.080
(4) No employee or owner or family member of an employee or owner, may acquire, directly or indirectly, the property sold pursuant to subsection (2) (a) of this section or disposed of pursuant to subsection (2) (a) of this section or personal papers and effects disposed of under subsection (3) of this auction.

does reserve the right to refuse service or admission to anyone.

Not trying to be the biggest - just one of the best auction services around!

To see where our next auctions are please visit either the -




pages.  Hope to see everyone at the auctions!
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