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Future auctions - these facilities have scheduled an auction for the dates indicated however are not considered confirmed until they have been listed under "W-W-W-W".  Please check back often as we will make every effort possible to keep the "upcoming auctions" column updated.  For confirmed information check our W-W-W-W page.

Remember you can go to the "big" auctions and compete with many buyers


you can go to the ones with no newspaper advertising and have a lot less competition.

STARTING TIMES:  As you will find on the w-w-w-w page the auctions will have a designated start time.  I can say without hesitation, that is the time the auctions will start.  It is my personal policy to be at the auction site's approximately 30 - 45 minutes before the stated auction start time.  Your time is just as valuable as mine - you SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE AUCTIONEER.  The only exception to this policy is during the winter months and even then the start times will be as close to

In light of the covid 19 virus going on, pretty certain that storage unit auctions are NOT considered an essential activity.

Stay safe, stay healthy.  Hey we all know the units are always clean and pristine right?  There will be plenty of auctions and u its to bid on and buy after this current crisis is over.  Haven't seen a unit yet that is worth getting sick over or worse yet dying for.

Take care, see everyone once this is behind us.

Just signed paperwork for a nice smaller estate auction in Everett. Some tools, furniture, yard tools, camper and more.  Photos and more information will be coming soon.

Online bidding only will close Tuesday December 29

Tuesday January 19, 2021
Ace Self Storage

If you are interested in a brief history of auctions from my memory check out the article on Facebook for EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE.  Any comments or memories are welcome there.

Important notice - regarding WINTER WEATHER - Safety for all concerned is the priority however under normal circumstances the auctions will go on as scheduled, UNLESS the State Patrol closes the roads.  At the worst case scenario the auctions may be delayed by a few minutes to allow all buyers time to arrive safely.  About the only way that I will postpone the start time is IF a customer has called to inform me that they are on their way and are within a reasonable distance.  Again customer SAFETY IS THE PRIORITY.  Please don't listen to rumors that auctions are cancelled without first contacting me - 425-770-0655.  Again about the only way that an auction will be cancelled is if the WSP closes the roads.  Be wise - be safe - travel to the auctions only if you are confident in your ability to make it. 

Auctioneers note:  I make every effort to keep this page current with "up to date" information.  Sometimes a facility will postpone their auction date for one reason or another.  I would sooner have accurate information here than list many auctions only to have put down that there is no auction or that it is cancelled.  Hope to see everyone at the auctions.  Duane

LAST UPDATED 11-19-2020

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