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STARTING TIMES:  As you will find on the w-w-w-w page the auctions will have a designated start time.  I can say without hesitation, that is the time the auctions will start.  It is my personal policy to be at the auction site's approximately 30 - 45 minutes before the stated auction start time.  Your time is just as valuable as mine - you SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE AUCTIONEER.  The only exception to this policy is during the winter months and even then the start times will be adhered to as close as possible  For clarification please see the policy statement on the w-w-w-w page.

What forms of payment do you accept? We have recently began being able to take credit cards. CASH is always preferred, but for those who prefer to pay with a credit card, we can now accomidate you.  PLEASE NOTE: CLEANING DEPOSITS ARE STILL DUE IN CASH ONLY, since we leave the cleaning money with the facility when we leave.

What is the average size of a storage unit?  The size of units will vary with each facility - some are as small as 1 x 2 while others are up to 12 x 30 - normally the units run somewhere between 5 x 10 to 10 x 15.

What happens if a unit sells for more than the amount owed on it?  After satisfying the amount of the lien, any excess proceeds are sent back to the tenant.  Please be aware that it is the facilities responsibility to do this NOT Evergreen Auction Service Inc.'s responsibility.

What do I need to bring to the auctions?  First and foremost - a spirit of adventure, a strong flashlight, padlock(s), and again CASH or CREDIT CARD.  Remember you will be bidding on an unknown quantity and quality of items.  Someone else has been paying to store the items in these units and has fallen behind on their rent.  The storage facility has the auction method as their recourse of collecting the past due rent.  What you will find could be almost anything - remember to base your bid(s) based upon what you have seen - not what you have heard or been told.

Can I go through the unit during the preview time? 
NO - you are allowed to look into the unit from the doorway, you may not kick, touch, or otherwise disturb the contents.  Remember you will want to bring a good flashlight to look into the unit as you are basing your bid amounts on what you can see.

What happens if I find firearms or drugs in the unit, also what happens when I find personal papers and pictures of the former tenants? 
For firearms - we STRONGLY suggest you don't remove the weapon(s) from the unit - until you have had the local police department verify that they are not stolen.  Remember you probably didn't know they were there in the first place - hopefully if they are stolen the police will impound them at that time.  The same advise goes for drugs or drug paraphinalia - call the local police authority and have them take the drugs.  It is much easier to explain what you are doing with them while they are still in the unit.

Personal papers (legal documents, bank statements, wills, etc.) and personal photographs MUST BE RETURNED to the storage facility for return to the former tenants.  We ask that you return any personals found when cleaning out the units - but give you 2 weeks after the auction to return any more personals found after removing the contents.

How long will I have to remove the contents from the factility? 
In most cases you will have a couple of days for removal, or in a worst case scenario you can rent the unit in some cases for a few days, sometimes the facility will want to rent it only for 1 month, which gives you plenty of time for removal.  Please note the brochures will always indicate removal to be done the day of the auction, always check the written rules for actual time allowed.

Is there ever a MINIMUM STARTING BID on a unit? 
Never - at EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE  we conduct only auctions that are NO MINIMUM - NO RESERVE bid auctions. 

On your brochures it always says the units have to be emptied the day of the auction.  Is that really the way it is? 
That is what is sayon on the brochures, it is a standard format that we have chosen to use - we will coach the facilities to always be flexible on the amount of time given to empty the units.  Some facilities have given up to 1 week to empty units based either upon the quantity of units purchased or the size of the unit purchased.

What if after I get to the auction and see more units than I have CASH in my pocket for the units I want to buy?  I hate the thought of missing a good unit due to a lack of cash on hand. 
We have now made accomidations so that you can pay for the unit(s) with a credit card - the CLEANING DEPOSITS must still be made via a CASH only payment.

Do you ever allow a tenant whose stuff is being sold to buy their own unit at the auction? 
CERTAINLY NOT IF I'M AWARE OF THE SITUATION.  What is being described as fraud on the storage facility.  Remember the auction method of selling is the facilities way of collecting the past due rent and fees associated with the unit and its contents.

Don't you save the best units for the end of the auction? 
Not really - even though it may seem that way.  We actually try to determine the order of the auction, so that it is the most effective way of going from unit to unit, that is why I always say we don't do "go backs" as sometimes the best units by coincidence are at the beginning of the auction and sometimes they are at the end of the auction.

What are the numbers on the brochures following the unit imformation? 
The letter and the 4 numbers are the color of the seal and the last 4 numbers of the seal that was put on the unit after the visual inspection has been done.  Buyers are encouraged to verify that number during the auction process.  We use a 1 time only use seal - that can't be removed without breaking the seal.  Again bidders are encouraged to double check the numbers from the brochure to the unit for verification - when the numbers match - it should be a reasonable expectation that no one has had access to the unit from the time the lock was cut until the unit is opened up for the auction inspection.

Don't you set up or stage the units to make them look better?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! - Sadly there has been rumors abounding and what I feel in some cases at other auctions this practice has been done.  My best response to this is consider the source.  In most cases it is coming from some disgruntled customers who no longer attend auctions conducted by EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE, they are welcome to attend but it is strictly by their choice to not attend.  My best advise is this - if the unit looks staged or set up DON'T BID ON IT!  If it looks like a typical unit, then base your bids strictly upon what you have seen NOT WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD or may have been told.  In my mind every unit is beautiful - there are just some that are more beautiful than others.

What if I still have questions?
  Simply go to the "CONTACT US" page and send us your question.  We will do everything possible to anwer your question / concerns as quickly as possible.
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