Evergreen Auction Service

About us...

"Since 1979 "Our Service Pays For Itself"
Now in our 41st year

At EVERGREEN AUCTION SERVICE our mission is to provide both seller and buyer a professional service that is above question.  By conducting auctions that are done in this manner we can sustain continued growth on both sides of our customer base, while showing a profit for time and effort expended.  We are not trying to be the "biggest" just one of the best auction services around!

What does the auctioneers law say about storage auctions?  RCW 18.11.070 It is unlawful for any person to act as an auctioneer or for an auction company to engage in any business in this state without a license.  (2) This chapter DOES NOT apply to: (g) An auction held under chapter 19.150 RCW.

What does the storage law say about who can or can't buy the contents of units being offered at auction?  RCW 19.150.080 Manner of sale -- Who may not acquire... (4) No EMPLOYEE or owner, or family member of an employee or owner, may acquire, directly or indirectly, the property sold pursuant to subsection (2) (a) of this section or disposed of pursuant to subsection (2) (b) of this section, or personal papers and personal effects disposed of under subsection (3) of this section.

STARTING TIMES:  As you will find on the w-w-w-w page the auctions will have a designated start time.  I can say without hesitation, that is the time the auctions will start.  It is my personal policy to be at the auction site's approximately 30 - 45 minutes before the stated auction start time.  Your time is just as valuable as mine - you SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE AUCTIONEER.  The only exception to this policy is during the winter months and even then the start times will be adhered to as close as possible  For clarification please see the policy statement on the w-w-w-w page.
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